we make a



We create a difference for anyone who chooses us 
with our well-planned, professional and creative marketing solutions!



Individual approach

We don't have templates. 

We treat all of our customers individually, 

and we do our the best to them.


Creativity and innovation

It is the main creative hormone that stimulates us to do something creative, 

innovative and different.


Professionalism and quality

We take a professional approach to our work. 

Therefore, we have no problem with quality - at least not!


We are well aware of the responsibility of the work we do. 

We keep the client's secret as our most important secret.

Respect to Deadlines

Although Deadline is a problem in all advertising and communications companies, we have no problem. 

Because we plan our business accurately. 


we are mad

Do not be surprised when said "We MAD"!  Yes, we are mad! But we are not foolish! We definitely know what we do. 

Because with the concept of “We MAD! (We Make A Difference!)” we make a difference!

And the main feature of this difference is to differentiate you and to help to sell your product. Yes, this is our job!

The difference we make is your difference. Sometimes it might sound mad, but the purpose is smart. 

Every customer we start to collaborate is a new companion for us. 

We are reliable companion. In this companionship we are in the image of Good. In order to give benefit to our partners we say "No" to ordinary ones. 

We can create an extraordinary communication from a tiny detail. 

Opinions of a customer are important for us, but his or her benefit is much more important. 

Because we believe that a customer who benefits will always be with us. Sometimes they might leave, but would come back soon.   

There are not such notions "traditional advertising" or "contemporary advertising" for us. 

When creativity is there, advertising will always be contemporary.

Time and space exist for us, and we exist! With our intelligence, spirit, energy and difference... 



All works




Khojaly Street 37 Demirchi Tower 6th floor Baku, Azerbaijan

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+994 12 555 19 71