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About 2 weeks ago, we had a first in the country as a creative agency. As a new term, we have introduced the word RAYICON, as well as the regional icons, which really represent this term.

Even though we presented at least 20 rayons at the first stage, they were just giving a great deal of reflection in the country.

For the first time in Azerbaijan, an advertising agency has been so widely discussed. Up to 70 sites have shared this material. Hundreds of Facebook pages or profiles have been debated. 

Different rails were created by different people. 2 TV interviews went on.

Overall, at least 1 million people were informed about this project.

And in the background of this, the demand was more prominent: WILL THE OTHER DISTRICT HAVE BEEN RAYICONS?

We have been convinced that it will be! And so, more than 20 rayons are presented for your discussion. How good it is to homeland, nation!

If you have any suggestions about what has been done or not, then you can write your own suggestions on Facebook at #rayicon hashtaq. We, as an advertising agency, will try to evaluate them as much as possible ...