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Fiber ceramic adhesivesrı

Love of Ceramics …

Everything started on a spring morning …

There were calls from Azbentonit, which discussed the possibilities of cooperation with us. The Fiber Ceramic Binder, a new product to the market, wanted the YelloAd to deliver a memorable market breakthrough.

We went to work immediately. Ten days later, we came up with creative scenarios. And we are surprised. They chose the most brave one of the scenarios. The idea of ​​our position and the plurality of slogans that we have adopted are exactly the same: Attracts the ceramic!

But we had very little time. The execution of the scenario was difficult. Moreover, we had only 6 weeks to complete.

However, we discovered the first animated film in the history of Azerbaijan advertising within 5 weeks. Access to the market was memorable not only in Azerbaijan, but even beyond it. The product is soon to be recognized in the market, and we have begun to expand cooperation with Azbentonit. We received a bronze prize at the Red Jolbors Festival for this work. Our job became the world's largest advertising directory,, the first (and now only) business from Azerbaijan. They shared the most various sites from Central Asia to India, from Russia to Arabia.  

And several months later, in this product market, we implemented a 360-degree campaign, one of the rare key in our country's construction industry.