Philosophic branding
Don’t depend on cash payments!
“Cabex 2019” - Stand for exhibition
We are equal
Teka Realizes!
Smart Flush
Start journey!
Packaging design
Discount on Every 100 manat
Edible menu design
Report Chess
Report Chess
Seven Treasures of the East
A joyful holiday
Symbol of beauty
Diary design
Nostalgic discount campaign
Teka - Power of your kitchen!
Special keychain design
Increased deposite on the card …
People don't like to trust their money to anyone, even to banks, as well. When they do it, it means that they don't have any choice. Everybody desires to have money in a pocket. But everybody also understands that it is dangerous.
Get your money everywhere!
Fiber - attracts ceramics
Fifteen years story
Drink! Grow up! Discover!
Come to the future!
Rayicon and advertising agency
Next to citizen!
Spring philosophy
The Anniversary logo
Luxury business card
Luxury business card
More attractive logo
We are ready for the action
There is news from your salary!
Tamasha is art!
Baku 2015
"Edible" annual report
"Edible" annual report oil, salt, vegetables ...
Packaging design for "MARKO"
The company was tasked to create a package design of the "MARKO" ice cream for the company "Piran" which operates in the middle of sales segmentation.