According to customer’s wishes and their philosophy we made successful branding for one of most important Health Center of Baku - Baku Saglamlig.

This work, which incorporates Baku and health of people who live in Baku, in every detail, was developed by the YelloAD creative team.

Logotype's philosophy was based on simple, but deeper idea. These characters reflect both of Baku and health. Finally, a successful logotype emerged.

The logotype of the Baku Health Center contains these meanings:

• The strength of the logotype, redness and its robustness;

• The logo is in floral structure, with meaning of life, love and beauty;

• Triple heart form of the logo means longevity;

• The upper part of the logotype symbolizes the door arches, which symbolizes the 3 entrance doors (back) of Baku.

When designing a logo for the Baku Health Center, all aspects of a successful logotype - from sending messages and keeping in touch with the customer - were considered.

Therefore, the logotype of the Baku Health Center is memorable, and its philosophy is well expressed.